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Who We Are  

The South Bay Cares Racial Equality Task Force is a small, diverse, passionate and committed group, formed to raise awareness about racial inequality and support initiatives that ensure that all people receive equal treatment and opportunity. The current political climate undermines the progress America has made on its path to achieve equality for all.  This group will tackle issues such as police brutality, disproportionate minority incarceration, voter suppression, and equal educational opportunities, We aim to leave younger generations with an America that is truly free and equal for all. 

Short Term Goals

  • Support Kamala Harris' bill on bail reform
  •  Fundraise for local programs that provide bail for people in need
  • Assist minorities to register to vote locally
  • Host speaking engagement on racial equality for South Bay Cares large group
  • Support community policing/coordinate and host picnics for police and residents of predominantly minority communities


Volunteer Needs

  • On the ground help getting people registered to vote
  • Assistance fundraising
  • Calling legislators to express support for outstanding legislation, Community organizing, coordinating, planning picnics for police and residents


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