Who We Are

The Planned Parenthood subcommittee is an important part of South Bay Cares’ Health Care Task Force. Our primary goal is to insure, through education and action, that Congress does not defund Planned Parenthood. Congress seems intent on defunding Planned Parenthood by repealing the Affordable Care Act and reducing aid to other health-focused nonprofits around the globe. Congress needs to hear from Planned Parenthood supporters. This subcommittee will provide our members with information to voice our support for the vital services Planned Parenthood provides for all women.


Short Term Goals

  • Educate
    • Participate in events that provide an accurate and full understanding of all services provided by Planned Parenthood, and how those programs support our community and communicate that information to those who cannot attend
    • Run phone banks to mobilize Planned Parenthood supporters whose U.S. House and Senate representatives are undecided or have expressed an intention to vote against their party
  • Fundraise for Planned Parenthood 


Volunteer Needs

  • Participate in Phone Banks
  • Donate to and join us in fundraisers for Planned Parenthood