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LGBTQ Task Force


Who We Are:

The LGBTQ community has historically been a disenfranchised group, sidelined from having a voice in our communities and in legislation that impacts our right to live full and peaceful lives.  The South Bay Cares LGBTQ Task Force will provide a local platform to identify and support legislation, legislators and issues that provide the LGBTQ community with an equal playing field with all other Americans.


Short Term Goals:

We will be  a powerful voice of support  to and assistance in efforts to ensure the LGBTQ community is safe and respected and enjoys full equality in every aspect of their lives.   Our short term goals are to: 

  • Participate in Pride 2018
  • Identify local, state and national legislation which impacts the LGBTQ community and insure that our voice is heard Assist in local and national issues where rights are at risk
  • Identify local, state and national legislators who are supportive of LGBTQ rights and support their reelection campaigns 
  • Monitor Supreme Court decisions and determine impact on constituents
  • Monitor pending court cases impacting the LGBTQ community and support  briefs that safeguard rights of our community