Who We Are

The Immigration Task Force is made up of passionate advocates of the rights of immigrants to have a safe, stable home in the United States. It includes people with varying family and cultural backgrounds who not only support efforts to help immigrants who are threatened by the policies of the current administration, but also support each other. The members bring a broad range of knowledge including expertise in the law, psychology, teaching, and community outreach activities. We share ideas, learn from each other and inspire one another to engage in activities in support of the immigrant population.



The current administration has attempted to institute policies that threaten the ability of immigrants to both enter the United States and threaten those who live here. The areas of specific concern include: refugee ban, “build a wall”, deportation, sanctuary cities, legal aid, DACA/dreamer policies. We seek to address this changing environment for immigrants through education, outreach, empowerment and engagement opportunities.


Volunteer Needs

We create action opportunities for our members:

  • I.C.E. Raid “Know Your Rights” packets are disseminated to our members who can disseminate them to those affected

  • Undocumented Student Program at UCLA – we work with the directors of the USP to support their students. Currently we are collecting toiletries, blow-up beds and computers for the students.

We support other established Organizations’ efforts by communicating and encouraging participation in other’s projects. We share information on upcoming events and attend events to support or help where needed. Many of our members are active in the following:

  • ACLU’s People Power

  • OFA South Bay

  • Indivisible LA

  • 826LA

  • CLUE

  • National Immigration Law Center

We hold periodic meetings to share information and talk about upcoming projects. We plan to invite speakers and experts who can teach us how to be more effective, empathetic activists.