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Who We Are  

The gun reform task force is group that seeks to affect change in legislation both locally and nationally through the following actions:

  • Educate people on identifying warning signs for gun violence
  • Change the narrative on the issue of gun control
  • Support stricter lobbying laws
  • Support candidates who support common sense gun laws

Countless innocent lives are cut short in America everyday through gun violence.  Mass shootings, accidents, suicides, and domestic violence can all be decreased with common sense gun laws and education.  The vast majority of Americans agree that there should be stricter gun laws. 

Short Term Goals

  • Collaborate with Sandy Hook Promise to educate people locally on identifying warning signs of gun violence and teach them what to do when they spot a risk
  • Shift the narrative away from "gun control" and towards "gun safety"
  • Recruit gun owners to participate on this committee to provide feedback and support about gun safety
  • Call, write, email legislators to express concerns about lobbying laws and the power the NRA holds over our law making
  • Research and support candidates who are in favor of common sense gun laws through canvassing, phone banking, fund raising, etc.


Volunteer Needs

  • Identify and coordinate groups for Sandy Hook Promise training  
  • Attend meetings to shape the narrative around how we speak about gun violence
  • Research local candidates who oppose common sense gun laws and advocate for their opponents who do support them
  • Phone banking, emailing, writing legislators to express our concern or support for outstanding bills regarding gun safety
  • Contact legislators expressing concerns about current lobbying laws and the power the NRA has on our laws