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Who We Are

The South Bay Cares Environmental task force is a forum for local residents to learn about and advocate for environmental issues impacting the South Bay and the Los Angeles metropolitan areas.  Understanding the issues and possible solutions is the first critical step to effective action.  To gather facts to support our causes, we:

  • Research credible information regarding local environmental issues
  • Seek input from experts and activists to assist our understanding of issues and potential solutions
  •  Analyze and communicate this information to our task force members and all South Bay Cares membership
  • We meet as a team at least once monthly.  Smaller teams may meet more frequently depending upon efforts underway. We hold quarterly activities for members, their friends and families (e.g. beach cleanups, tree plantings, etc.)


Short Term Goals

  • Recruit and mobilize members to identify actionable programs that improve our environment and provide support to execute those programs.  Recent example:  Successful Gallon Water Challenge launched  by a team member with over 70 participants in initial phase.
  • Organize task force members to research and communicate environmental positions of local elected officials (e.g., city council members, mayors, etc.)  Examples include:  Torrance refinery hazardous materials ban, West Basin desalination project, telecommunications cell phone tower proposals
  •  Identify and support environment-friendly candidates for 2018 local, state and national elections
  • Hold speaker events on local environmental issues
  • Launch letter writing/email campaign to the California Congressional delegation on one of the top 5 California environmental concerns: 
  1. air quality (LA’s air quality still among worst in nation)
  2. water quality (access to clean, safe water not available throughout California)
  3.  water conservation (LA county still imports 58% of its water from 200 miles away)
  4. waste recycling (lack of data and hazardous waste reporting)
  5. electricity consumption (although per capita is among lowest in nation, much of it comes from coal)


Volunteer Needs

Task force organizational support :

  • Reserving and setting up monthly meeting space
  • Communicating monthly team member meetings and quarterly activities for members and their friends/family
  • Managing task force focus areas/initiatives/research
  • Communicating environmental news and events
  • Coordinating speakers and upcoming activities
  • Subcommittee leader to identify, research and action related to local environmental issues